Frequently Asked Questions

How many apartments should I go see before choosing one?

The average Oliver user sees about 6 apartments before finding the right one. Some users get lucky and find the right apartment right away, and pickier users, or users with more time choose to see more before making a move. Luckily for you, showings are free, so schedule as many as you'd like!

What kind of real estate does Oliver offer?

Oliver offers no-fee apartment rentals in New York ranging from student housing to luxury apartments. That means studios to real 5 bedroom apartments. Oliver only supports rentals, currently, so no units for sale.

When should I start looking for my next apartment?

You should definitely start looking for a new apartment at least 30 days before your desired move-in date. Some users start looking earlier, but you may run the risk of a landlord not being willing to hold an apartment for you well into the future.

Am I allowed to have roommates?

Absolutely! Although this does depend on the landlord. Almost all NYC landlords are okay with roommates, just be sure to pick yours wisely!

How do I apply for an apartment I see on Oliver?

If you love an apartment you saw through Oliver, it's easy. You can apply through the mobile app or online. You will be notified right away if you've been accepted.

How do I know how much rent I can afford?

Different landlords have different income requirements, but a great rule-of-thumb is being able to prove that you earn an annual salary that exceeds 50x the monthly rent. Take your monthly rent, multiply it by 50, and be sure you make more than that on an annualized salary basis.

What if I have a cosigner?

Most landlords will allow a co-signer as long as your co-signer has great credit and can prove income. Be sure not to sign for a unit that's outside of your budget because you and your co-signer will be held responsible!

What kind of deposits are required by landlords?

While not all landlords require this, be prepared to fork over first, last, and security upon signing. That means three months rent, up-front once you find a unit you love.

What kind of income verification will I need?

Before signing, you'll probably need to produce at least 2 paystubs that show your current income. If you earn any kind of non-salary bonus, it's best to show a paystub that includes those figures as well. In some instances, you may be able to present an offer letter for your new job as proof of income, although a landlord may have questions about that.

What happens if I can't make the appointment or changed my mind?

No problem! Just cancel the appointment from inside the app or the site, and reschedule or schedule a new showing at any time!

Who will meet me at the apartment showing?

One of Oliver's representatives, or someone on the Landlord side will be there to show you the apartment. You may receive a text message or two on the day of your showing to confirm the appointment. Make sure you have your phone with you and that Oliver has your latest contact details.

Why was my appointment canceled?

Your appointment may have been canceled for a few reasons. One, you may have not confirmed the appointment you scheduled, in which case it was canceled on our end. Another reason is the apartment you wanted may have recently been taken off the market. In the event that the landlord needs to reschedule, you will be required to reschedule your appointment as well.

Can I list an apartment on Oliver?

At this time, we do not support people listing their own apartments on Oliver. If you are a Landlord, visit for more info on how to get your buildings onto the Oliver platform.

How can I share Oliver with friends?

Easy! Tell friends to visit where they can find our web viewer as well as links to download our iPhone or Android app. You can also keep up with us by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or joining our email list.

How does Oliver work?

Oliver uses technology and real-time market data to make apartment-finding easier. We set out to make apartment viewings accessible to all, add transparency to every transaction, and drastically reduce time and money associated with finding a new apartment.

How frequently is apartment inventory updated?

Our listings are all updated in real-time. We only showcase inventory that actually exists and is available to view. No more bait-and-switch!

Is Oliver actually free?

Oliver is 100% free-to-use for renters. Browse as many apartments as you like, and schedule as many showings as you want. And when it comes time to sign a lease, there's no broker fee!

What do brokers typically charge?

Brokers typically charge around 15% of your annual rent. So to calculate a typical broker fee, multiply your monthly rent x 12 months x 15%. Not cheap! Luckily you avoid any and all broker fees by using Oliver.

What makes Oliver listings different from other sites?

We only showcase no-fee, no-broker apartments that you're able to schedule showings for right from our app or website! No emails, phone calls, sketchy landlords, or filling out endless applications for every single building you walk into. Open Oliver, and a coule taps later you're checking out great NYC apartments!

When will Oliver be available in my neighborhood?

We've got big plans for 2017! Sign up for our email list or follow us on social to stay connected. As of right now, we're only available in Manhattan and Brooklyn.