About Us

The Oliver Story

Meet Ruby

Ruby, like so many others, is a COVID dog. The experience of pet ownership had been great, except for the part where Ruby needed vaccinations, teeth cleaning, routine heath checks and the occasional sick visit to the vet. It was hard for Ruby's owners to schedule a simple appointment, and Ruby discovered it was even more difficult for the vets to manage the appointments. Ruby wanted to solve this problem for everyone - so she set out to create software that was simple for her owners to use, but complex enough to handle the ins and outs of every vet practice. In 2022 Oliver was formed and set out to become the best appointment management tool for veterinarians and animal hospitals.


Who we are.

We are a group of mostly humans with a shared goal


Stephen Lytle


Most notably, Stephen is Ruby's owner. He's also a seasoned product leader


John Kendrick


While John currently doesn't have a pet (sore subject) he fills his time leading the sales and operations teams at Oliver



Mascot & Chief Ideas Officer

The Oliver team turns to Ruby for motivation and great new ideas on how to simplify the veterinarian clinic experience