automated waitlist

many veterinary clinics struggle with backfilling cancellations and calendar openings. open slots go unfilled, costing clinics thousands of dollars every month. oliver's waitlist automajically fills calendar openings and it doesn't require anyone at the clinic to pick up the phone!

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first step

clients can join the waitlist through the online portal, or your staff can add clients to the waitlist

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second step

when a new appointment time becomes available, oliver will match similar future appointments and begin inviting waitlisted clients if the new time works for them

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third step

right from the text or email, clients can accept or decline the proposed time. oliver ensures that only matching clients get notified in priority order that you set

recover lost revenue and backfill cancellations

the average veterinary clinic loses $10,000 per month due to cancellations


how does oliver find clients?

clients get added to the waitlist themselves through the online portal, or by a staff member

does it match up appointment time or Dr?

yes—it only offers the new appointment times to clients that have similar appointments, always following your scheduling process

can clients see the waitlist?

only your staff can see the waitlist—and they can easily prioritize the waitlist based on patient need and urgency

what if we're overbooked?

if you choose to not fill a cancellation, no problem. you easily control which appointments get backfilled