Why No-Shows and Cancellations Are Hurting Your Veterinary Practice

Published by Stephen Lytle on
As a veterinary practice manager, you understand the importance of keeping your schedule full. After all, a full schedule translates to healthy pets and a healthy bottom line for your clinic. But let's face it, no-shows and cancellations are a constant battle these days for veterinary clinics eve... Read More

April 2024 - Product Updates

Published by Stephen Lytle on
🌎 AI SMS Translation - Do you have non-english speaking clients? Use Oliver’s AI SMS translation tool to translate both inbound and outbound text messages for multiple languages.💬 After-hours SMS auto-response - When your clients send a tex... Read More

March 2024 - Product Updates

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📞 VOIP Phone System Integration - We now have several big time-saving VOIP phone integrations including missed call texts and easy click-to-call.💬 ”Text Us” buttons online - We can automatically send a conversation starter text to you... Read More

December 2023 - Product Updates

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One of my favorite parts about working with this team is how fast we're able to deliver valuable tools to our current and future customers! We're laser focused on making life easier for the front office staff at veterinary clinics and the updates we've released over the last couple of months do j... Read More