June 2024 - Product Updates

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Oliver Product Release: Keeping You Organized, Connected, and EfficientWe're excited to announce a series of updates designed to streamline your workflow, improve client communication, and boost your practice's efficiency.⚕️Keeping Your Patients Healthy:... Read More

Why No-Shows and Cancellations Are Hurting Your Veterinary Practice

Published by Stephen Lytle on
As a veterinary practice manager, you understand the importance of keeping your schedule full. After all, a full schedule translates to healthy pets and a healthy bottom line for your clinic. But let's face it, no-shows and cancellations are a constant battle these days for veterinary clinics eve... Read More

April 2024 - Product Updates

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🌎 AI SMS Translation - Do you have non-english speaking clients? Use Oliver’s AI SMS translation tool to translate both inbound and outbound text messages for multiple languages.💬 After-hours SMS auto-response - When your clients send a tex... Read More

March 2024 - Product Updates

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📞 VOIP Phone System Integration - We now have several big time-saving VOIP phone integrations including missed call texts and easy click-to-call.💬 ”Text Us” buttons online - We can automatically send a conversation starter text to you... Read More