secure deposit collection

seamlessly and securely request a deposit

how it works

collect deposits automatically during the booking flow, or send one off requests when needed

save time

collect deposits securely through the booking flow, or via text message. no more calls to try and collect sensitive data over the phone

security is the priority

we use state of the art encryption to ensure your client's data remains private.

easy to manage

quickly see who has paid their deposit and easily remind others. with our dashboard you can see which appointments are at-risk. you and your staff are always in the know

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return on investment

see how much you could be adding to your bottom line

save time

seamless booking means your staff can focus on high value tasks

secure and encrypted

keep you client's information protected

reduce no-shows

deposit collection can reduce no-shows by up to 80%

direct to you

the money collected goes straight to you - no surcharge and no delay

track deposits

tracking who has paid, and more importantly, who hasn't, is a breeze

mobile friendly

clients can easily pay on their phone

ready to learn more?

see how deposits can reduce no-shows by 80%