appointment requests

smart appointment requests that don't require phone calls

requests that work

lower phone calls by 47%

between the online requests and texting, we've lowered the calls for some clinics by 47%

after hours requests

start your morning by simply reviewing requests that came in overnight, not by a swarm of voicemails

less stress

requests that work—oliver clinics accept over 90% of the requests they get without having to reschedule

integrated with your PIMS

seamless integrations ensure that every request works with your schedule

you stay in control

with automatic triage and robust settings, there are no levels of complexity that oliver can't handle, so you're always in control

no more phone tag

automated text updates to clients let them know when you've accepted their request

ready for easy booking?

learn how oliver will help your clinic

how it works

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online requests

clients can access your online portal from your website, google business listing, social media or text and email reminders—this ensures that their requests work with your clinics complex schedule

you get notified and your PIMS is updated

in realtime everyone gets updated. your staff easily reviews the requests and oliver updates the client. oliver clinics are able to accept 99% of requests that come in

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oliver reminds your clients

we take it from here—notifying your client when the appointment is accepted, and reminding them with text confirmations to ensure they show

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