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oliver is the all-in-one platform that empowers veterinary clinics to deliver a delightful client experience

Stop no-shows

Oliver's no-show protection plan will help stop no-shows, resulting in an extra $2,000 every month

Backfill cancellations

Our automated waitlist will backfill 87% of your cancelled appointments

Reduce phone calls

47% less phone calls so your staff can focus on higher value tasks, like a great in-clinic experience

Retain clients

Service reminders that result in booked appointments - to keep your patients healthy

Easy onboarding
Fully integrated

How it works

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Online Portal

Imagine client's being able to update their contact & pet information, book appointments, and engage with your clinic at all hours of the day - without stressing out your staff


No-show Protection

Deposit collection, two-way confirmations, reminders and our automated waitlist ensure that your schedule remains full - with no lost revenue!


Retain Clients

Service reminders with easy booking that result in appointments - so that your patients stay healthy. By making it easy for your clients to do business with you, you make it easy for them to care for their pets

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