December 2023 - Product Updates


One of my favorite parts about working with this team is how fast we're able to deliver valuable tools to our current and future customers! We're laser focused on making life easier for the front office staff at veterinary clinics and the updates we've released over the last couple of months do just that. 

A major challenge that we've heard time and time again is clients not showing up for their appointments. We built our waitlist tool earlier this year to help reduce the impact of no-shows and cancellations and now we're adding a new deposit collection tool to the mix! It is well proven that collecting appointment deposits reduces no-shows and now Oliver makes it simple and easy. Check below and on the website for more information on how this can help your clinic! 

In addition to Deposit Collection, we've released a bunch of other updates to our platform recently. This would be a novel if I listed all of them, so here are the highlights!

💵 Deposit collection - reduce no-shows and start collecting deposits when a client books an appointment online using Oliver’s new Deposit Collection feature. It's seamlessly integrated into your booking flow making it a snap for clients.

⚡ Action Needed Indicator - do you like to use the Inbox as your to-do list? Well now you can easily keep track of conversations that you need to reply to with the Action Needed indicator in the Inbox.

🗒️ Message templates - save time following up with clients by using message templates. Say goodbye to the word doc. 

✏️ Message drafts - no more re-entering your message if you need to leave a conversation and come back. Saving you even more time! 

📅 Pending Requests Screen - Oliver removes the burden out of managing appointment requests. Now you can easily track and respond to your appointment requests from one screen.