December 2023 - Product Updates

Published by Stephen Lytle on
One of my favorite parts about working with this team is how fast we're able to deliver valuable tools to our current and future customers! We're laser focused on making life easier for the front office staff at veterinary clinics and the updates we've released over the last couple of months do j... Read More

the ROI of online scheduling

Published by oliver on
There are many benefits of online scheduling and today we’re going to dive into the return on investment (ROI) of implementing an online scheduling tool at your clinic. We’ll delve into the numerous benefits that online scheduling platforms bring to your practice and how they translat... Read More

3 myths of online scheduling debunked

Published by oliver on
Online scheduling is a hot topic in the veterinary industry right now. Some vets are hesitant to adopt it, believing that it will take away control of the appointment booking process, that software tools can't handle the complexities of veterinary schedules, or that their clients don't want it.</... Read More

scheduling should be easy

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Appointments are crucial for the success of a veterinary clinic. Without appointments, a clinic is entirely dependent on emergency and walk-in business, which can be unpredictable and inconsistent. Appointments provide structure and organization to a clinic’s schedule, allowing for better p... Read More

poor client experience

Published by oliver on
Have you ever stopped to consider the impact that putting customers on hold or sending them to voicemail can have on their overall experience with your clinic? While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can actually lead to frustration and even cause them to seek out other veterinary option... Read More